Dimaria Wins NGN10K In NB Weekly 14 Quiz

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  1. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    We are pleased to announce that @Dimaria has emerged the winner of the just concluded Nigerian Bulletin Weekly 14 competition winning a cash prize of NGN 10,000.

    Also, there were two runners up, @Ukamaka and @Opeyemii who win recharge cards worth NGN2,500 each

    The Nigerian Bulletin Weekly Quiz is set up to reward registered and active members of the Nigerian Bulletin community. Members are required to download the NB Weekly magazine, answer a question and they could be lucky winners. CLICK HERE for more information.

    We say congratulations to the winners. See you again this weekend


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  2. chieloka attah

    chieloka attah New Member

    Wow! A bigger congratulations to them all
  3. Mercy Egemole

    Mercy Egemole New Member

    I don't really get the rules of this competition. U said u need 45/50 msg. But only people with 100+200+ messages automatic become the winner. I never see people with 100+ messages then become runner up. But automatic winner. Please can you please illuminate the rules for me. Becos right now am confused
  4. Opeyemii

    Opeyemii New Member

    @Samguine Thank u so so much this means a lot to me
  5. Samguine

    Samguine Social Member Curators

    The winners are automatically selected by the system. Members with fewer messages have won the competition before and those with very impressive number of messages have been runners up.

    If you meet up with the conditions, you are eligible to play and win. Good luck

    And we appreciate your concern. ;)
  6. Ukamaka

    Ukamaka New Member

    Massive airtime received successfully courtesy of Nigerian bulletin. Thank you so much. I really appreciate
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  7. lilyndinso

    lilyndinso New Member

    I have never doubted the rule.
  8. lilyndinso

    lilyndinso New Member

    Yours will some day come. Am always positive.
  9. lilyndinso

    lilyndinso New Member

    Congratulations to the winners
  10. Opeyemii

    Opeyemii New Member

    Thank u very much sir @Samguine. I have received my airtime
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  11. Khaleesi Dragonfire

    Khaleesi Dragonfire New Member

    Congratulations to the winners and thumbs-up to Nigerian Bulletin. I also have some questions about the competition.

    How do we get to know the number of messages we have posted? (I don't even know if it's messages or comments). Secondly, why is it that engagement on your facebook page (likes, shares and comments) doesn't count at all?
  12. siteadmin

    siteadmin Administrator

    Hello @Khaleesi Dragonfire - you can find the number of post/comments on your Nigerian Bulletin profile (https://www.nigerianbulletin.com/members/khaleesi-dragonfire.9883/_. You can get this by clicking your user name.

    On your second point, the competition system is integrated with our website so for now, we cannot track community activity on third party platforms.
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  13. Opeyemii

    Opeyemii New Member

    @siteadmin so no more daily competition again?? This weekly competition is great though, but I prefer the former daily competition
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  14. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    Hurray! I am the lucky winner. Just received alert of #10,000 in my account. Thanks to the NB team. Am grateful. If you have not won keep playing.
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  15. siteadmin

    siteadmin Administrator

    We are working hard to engage all active members of the community, while providing information useful to them. Let us hope you get lucky one of these days :)
  16. tony precy

    tony precy New Member


    Congratulations to the winners.
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