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Entertainment Envy! Nigerian Fans Lust After Kim Kardashian's Backside As Kanye West Grabs It

Kim Kardashian has found herself in the fantasy of Nigerian male fans after she posted an image on her Instagram page where her husband and rapper, Kanye West visibly grabbed her bum as they walked down a staircase.

While Kanye West might have a penchant for grabbing the backside of the women he 'loves,' (as made apparent when he grabbed Amber Rose's in the past), what some male fans found intriguing was the size (large) of her bum in comparison with Kanye West's hand as he cupped it.

Below are some of the comments of Nigerians on the photo:

Edwin Chinedu Azubuko:
This is what I'm talking about... If I was the one grabbing that ass i will never wash my hands again...

Olumide David:
Grab that ass more Kanye

If this butt continues growing like this; because I'm sure it's growing by day, there will come a time when Kim will walk by and butt would follow after 45 minutes...

No gal should have all that Ass.. Omg! I respect you Kanye... You've got the baddest and hottest chick in the game as your wife... Not easy at all

This ass is making me wanna F..k. Damn!

Which Nigerian celebrity has this kind of ass make I hug am...

Olabode Ladipo:
Damn!!! That's some huge behind.Lord have mercy!

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Kanye West grabbing Kim Kardashian's bum.jpg
Kanye West grabbing Kim Kardashian's backside
Kim Kardashian's bum.jpg

Kim Kardashian's backside