Gionee A1: The Phone With Amazing Selfies, Powerful Brain And Power

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    With a 16MP Selfie camera, you need no seer to tell you the new Gionee A1 is the master of beautiful Selfies. But, there is more in the basket than you could ever imagine.

    As a selfie freak that I am, the 4th of May 2017 was marked in my calendar. Why, you would ask? Well, the Gionee A1 that I had pre-ordered was being launched. I couldn’t wait to begin to take those unbelievable selfies. I mean, the phone wasn’t made for only Sheyi Shay.

    At long last, the Gionee phone is here. Join me as I unravel.

    gionee A1 2.jpg
    Softly, carefully, the nylon is torn.

    gionee A1 3.jpg
    A quick look at the features, 4GB RAM, 32GB RAM, 16MP Selfie flash camera, 13MP back camera… issokay, go and buy your own.

    gionee A1 4.jpg
    And the box is opened

    gionee A1 5.jpg
    Finally, the beautiful Gionee A1 is within reach. The feeling is unexplainable, you’ve gotta buy yours to feel it.

    gionee A1 6.jpg
    Aha! The 16MP Selfie camera with front flash. I can’t wait to begin to slay with my selfies.

    7 and 8.jpg
    The 13MP rear camera with flash. Made to capture incredible pictures in every condition.

    9 and 10.jpg
    The earpiece hole and the speaker vent and USB port. 18W ultrafast charge makes charging safer and cooler.

    gionee A1 11.jpg
    The SIM port. Dual SIM (Hybrid slot)

    gionee A1 12.jpg
    The volume button and the power button. Beautifully crafted.

    gionee A1 13.jpg
    The warranty card and the manual. Proof, Gionee has got your back.

    gionee A1 14.jpg
    That Pouch!
    Beautiful and exquisite.

    gionee A1 21.jpg
    The extra screen guard and wipe.

    15 and 16.png
    Charger and Cord. With a 4010 Milli Ampere battery, this beautiful charger will rarely be used and one in a lifetime earpiece. The sound of music will never be the same.

    gionee A1 17.jpg
    The Gionee A1 has got an incredible curvy sleek design. It’s metallic and sturdy too.

    gionee A1 18.jpg

    The ejector pin and the sim hole. Everything about the Gionee is beautiful.

    gionee A1 19.jpg
    This is how it opens.

    gionee A1 20.jpg
    Let’s power the new Gionee A1.

    gionee A1 22.jpg
    Now, you have it. This beauty is for all to see but for the smart to buy.

    to learn more and make your purchase.


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  2. okeke nkiru

    okeke nkiru New Member

    I love this phone
  3. chinaza attahma

    chinaza attahma New Member

    How much please, i want to buy
  4. their phone is always best but.....
  5. but price is the problem
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  6. very strong products they do make but at very high price always, why?
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  7. Idriss

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    You get the money?
  8. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    I can't wait to buy it oo
  9. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    I love the phone. How much?
  10. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    But why is it that the rest camera is lesser than the selfie.
  11. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    It's okay, especially the battery
  12. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    I can watch film and surf the net uninterrupted.
  13. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    Thanks Gionne
  14. chifulumnanya

    chifulumnanya New Member

    I have heard much good things about this phone. I am thinking of getting one
  15. chidera agbo

    chidera agbo New Member

    Nice phone
  16. chidera agbo

    chidera agbo New Member

    That's why she asked the question
  17. judex usufo

    judex usufo New Member

    Nice product
  18. ugwu chi oma

    ugwu chi oma New Member

    Are you using it?
  19. ugwu chi oma

    ugwu chi oma New Member

    Nice body
  20. Dimaria

    Dimaria New Member

    But price will discourage you. #90,000 and above