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Metro Herdsmen are Human Beings, People Should Treat Them with Respect – Miyetti Allah PRO


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The Public Relations Officer, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Ibrahim Ribeji, in an interview with Punch said herdsmen are Human beings too, people should treat them with respect.

He said "It is so sad and we are not happy with what happened. Many people are blaming us that it is our people that carried out the attacks but we don’t know the people who did it. Sincerely, I’m not saying that the people that committed those acts are not Fulani, but we are also not sure if they are Fulani. On our part, we are trying as much as we can to see that we control our people on such issues. In every tribe, you will always find people that do not follow law and order. But what we see is that when these things happen, people blame our people, saying it’s our people that are committing these offences."

He added "I will not deny it and I’m not candid to say it’s our people, because things used to happen in the past and people blamed our people even when they were not the ones responsible. Like I said earlier, in every society, there are bad elements. So, I will not totally blame our people. People might just be accusing them of doing it, when in actual fact, some persons could have impersonated them; dressed in Fulani attire and acted like them. It happened about two years ago. Don’t forget that it is not only Fulani that rear cattle. Sometimes, we nomads are being treated as if we are not Nigerians."

You can read the full interview here: http://punchng.com/herdsmen-are-hum...them-with-respect-ribeji-cattle-breeders-pro/


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