Metro Indian Naval Warship to Land in Nigeria Next Week

A state-of-the-art Indian Naval Warship, the INS Tarkash, is scheduled to arrive Lagos state by the end of the month.

According to the head of the Chancery of the High Commission of India in Lagos, Jagdeep Kapoor, the visit of the warship would coincide with the celebration of the Nigerian Navy Day, that would hold on June 1.

“The visit of the ship at this opportune moment reiterates the strong bond between both Navies in the larger context of growing bilateral defence cooperation between India and Nigeria," he was quoted as saying by NAN on Monday.

“It also reflects the commitment of the Indian Navy to collaborate with the Nigerian Navy, in the face of growing global maritime security challenges,’’ he added.

The ship is packed with a high-density of weapons and sensors, he said, and added that it is being manned by a crew of 300 personnel.




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