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Politics Is Nigeria a failed state?

I suppose we have to examine what a failed state actually is.

The definition of a failed state is one whose political or economic system has become so weak that the government is no longer in control.

Its implications are that many of the former leaders, who by the way have contributed immensely to the current state of the nation, would be inclined to declare Nigeria as a failed state. provides a definition on the title Failed State 2019.

There are two characteristics of a failed state. The first is that the government cannot project authority over the people and the territory. The second is that it is unable to protect its boundaries. In other words, the government structure is completely unsuccessful. The government of a failed state is unable to control its people or resources, and there are very few – if any – public services available.

There are many reasons why a state would fail. A predatory and corrupt government is one major reason. Other reasons include civil wars, genocide, and ethnic violence. A failed state can’t implement public policies, infrastructure is not effectively built, and civil liberties and human rights are unprotected. There is no physical security for a failed state’s residents, and there is no stable political or economic systems in place.
If you look at the map provided on that page, you can see clearly that currently, we are in the danger zone. Many would say, we are already past the point of no return.

If you believe Nigeria has failed, what are the core reasons for this and do you believe we can learn from our failure and rise like a phoenix?


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A failed state is also a nation where all probable worst things can happen.

Nigeria is ever tending towards a failed state from the days of military government when state murder and self exile of citizens was the order to the immediate past govt where schools were busted into and hundreds of school boys and girls were taken hostage by Boko Haram who took control of a sizable part of Nigeria territory.

When the current president came into the saddle he secured the release of dozens of girls from the hundreds the BH took, reclaimed lost territory. However the present violence ravaging the nation is dissimilar to that of BH but different actors and the spread of the theatres pogroms.

While socio-economic factors as unemployment is an aid to the hidden problem. It is the dirty politics play, the callousness of the average Nigerian politicians.


Yes, Nigeria is not far from it


Nigeria is already a failed state because the rule of law is completely downtrodden; the govt cant guarantee protection for its citizens anymore; the choice of masses doesn't count in elections anymore; few people hold wealth, lots of other are extremely poor; foreign companies folding up without local alternatives; debt rate is exponentially increasing; few mafias control forex, and inflation rate is keeps increasing; massive youth exodus out of the country, serious brain drain. But one thing is there is hope for Nigeria if we are willing. If we could fight Ebola to a stand still without any foreign intervention, we can rise again, only if there is willingness.
Akeem Folajin

Akeem Folajin

With what is happening in Nigeria it isn't enough to declare Nigeria a failed State. Yes many of the structure and government apparatus isn't working properly but that hasn't qualify Nigeria to be a failed State. Looking backward many of our past leaders and government failed in many respect to address many of the social economic problem. Since 1999 till the end of 2015 when PDP handed over to APC, successive PDP administration did everything possible to impoverished the polity many were rendered jobless, graduate with no jobs to back it up. In all fairness the present government is trying but they need to do more and I'm not being unfair to PDP they have destroyed the country beyond redemption talk of corruption of the highest order, looting of our Treasury without recourse for future generations to come. What Nigeria is experiencing now is the effect of years of maladministration which have translated to everything in the country. It's unfortunate that the present administration inherited a decaying Nigeria.


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Here are some of the initial comments from our Facebook Page

Peter Chinedum Eke Yes, just awaiting for bubble to burst. We are sitting on the keg of gun powder. Do you know prof Chinua Achebe? What do you or can you remember him for... It is fast becoming real. Ask Google what prof Wole Shoyinka said recently. You that is asking the question ❔ is this the country of your dream.
Salako Kolade Ask from Google what a failed state is according to UN definition not according to jingoistic and bigoted minded nincompoop. U cant use my brain to increase ur knowledge pls
Kazeem Olanrewaju Mustapha No, the is still hope for nigeria
Johnson Kalu Chibuzor A very bad one at that
Linus Ijebu Yes Nigerian finally failed since God punished us to vote Buhari as president and we repeated it not for Nigeria to ever live at all by rigged elections to bring back the Lifeless
Comradé Chinedu Sylvester You are still asking?
Fulani Herdsmen never remember your village people, that is why are still asking.
Ok, go and ask Senator Abbo after loosing his uncle in the hands of the terrorist, whether Nigeria is a failed State or not.
Obi Nelson Any government that fails to protect the lives of her citizens, is a failed state because it is her primary duty.
In this country right now no body goes to bed with 2eyes closed.
Orienta Destiny Yes cos all the indices of a failed state abound in Nigeria right now.
Muyiolu Olunuga A dissastrous and failled cowgeria with a wicked and ethnocentric bigot fraudulently elected president.
Kenneth Oghogho Time to separate nigeria. Buhari has made clear . Every body answer your father’s name
ThankGod Didia I will think about it,or google it.
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Based on the definitions above, we are close but not there yet.
felix maduka

felix maduka

Yes Nigeria has failed in every angle

dr weezy

Nigeria is a failed country no doubt


Nigeria is not a fails state according to what have been mentioned in definition, every state have their problems in different perspective, every one believed their is problems, before you indulge in you have to thinks what are the Genesis of the crisis, is it from the democracy ?or those playing that room of democracy ?for the way we are practicing it, ?or we are apply what's pass our capability in processing it.


Is this a question or a suggestion?
Is USA a World Power?
Soetan fasiu

Soetan fasiu

Nigeria is a failed nation
i think we need a real pane vita

Omotosho Rufus Seyi

The failed state: the state is failed when it lose total direction, focus, ways that will leads the citizens of his country to good economy, standard education, security, creation of opportunity etc.
In looking critically at the Nigeria economy. deeply the exchange rate from 180niara per dollar 4years ago, inflation rate was single digit as well but now 360naira per dollar, inflation is double digits. The price of the foods are skyrocketing everyday.
Insecurity, there was Peace in the Land before, no herdsmen, no banditry, killed napper and ritualist was minimal.
Unemployment, is increasing geometrically while employment is increasing in arithmetic progression.
Education, is degenerating everyday, students cannot pass examination without expo,
Mosques, Churches, traditional leaders are also the products of failure to the nation.
Poverty, is pandemic and hitching the standard of living of masses
Hospital, has turned to mortuaries, no hope in doctors, nurses are now the agents of ritualist
You cannot travel at night and late to your destination and pass night at police station to embark your journey second day you are dead.
Senators, 30million naira is not enough for a senators wardrobe and other allowance but, to pay 30,000 naira minimum wage is their problem.
My friend, Nigeria has failed woefully:
Security is zero.
Economy is zero.
Employment is zero.
Education is negative etc.
But to proffer solution to it:
Government should make Fridays to be the practical, technical days from primary school to higher institution,we should forget about teaching theoretical subjects from Monday to Friday. Let work on how to invent things.
Work on inequality between rich and poor.
Motivates security officers.
Close the wide gaps between the state and federal salary.
Government should use the same salary scale for the politician equivalent to government workers. Because it is service to humanity.
I thank you Nigerian Bulletin for this opportunity.

olawuni Ezekiel

Nigeria is a failed nation


Once again, I'm happy to air my view
Yes Nigeria is a failed state
A credible testimony of the reality on the ground has come from T.Y. Danjuma, a highly respected retired army general and former Minister of Defence under former President Obasanjo. In a speech at the special convocation ceremony of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, on March 2013, he was reported in the Sunday Vanguard to have said: “the nation is today in total anarchy. Human life is very cheap and impunity has become the norm….. We are in the middle of a civil war in Northern Nigeria. There is no defined frontier in this particular war and, worse still, the enemy is faceless and unknown.
Gen Danjuma had likened the situation in the North to “the failed state of Somalia” A failed state defined by the dictionary is "Lack of government; a state of society where there is no law or supreme power, I won't really say there is no law in Nigeria but that doesn't change the fact that Nigeria is a failed state
I live with a single mother and one of my dreams is to make her proud someday but with this system in Nigeria dreams could be shattered.
I am 16 and I find my self making enormous plans for the future because I don't trust the government, I don't trust the country.everyday when I step out of my house I see beggars, I see hungry children and it pains me so much.sometimes I cry because I can't help them, the little money I have I give them.What exactly is the government doing? This rich politicians are just making themselves more rich buying houses in Different countries, buying cars, traveling forgetting that all this is temporary. Forgetting that they won't take those sparkling cars to their grave.Isn't it better to die with a good name?
That's why I'm not going to wait for the government, that's why I'm making plans now because I want to do the little things the government have failed to do.i want to put smiles on the less privileged faces, I want to have my own show too.
I don't even know if what I'm writing is related to the question or if anyone will eventually read this.All I'm saying is that I want to change Nigeria for the better by God's grace and mercy
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