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Politics Nigeria cannot Breathe through your Nose- S'South Leaders to ObJ

After a meeting Yesterday, South-South Elders and chieftains issued a warning to former President Olusegun Obasanjo to stop stop harassing President Goodluck Jonathan because Nigeria cannot breathe through his(Obasanjo's) nose.

Part of statement issued by Chief Bello, spokesperson of the south-south Elders read, "General Obasanjo is only shouting wolf when there is none at sight. The letter is full of premeditated ideas geared towards undermining the integrity of the South-South people and intended to keep them perpetually as minority in the political scheme of Nigeria as nation.

"There is no way where one man (Obasanjo) would want the entire country Nigeria to breathe through his nose".

"General Obasanjo shot himself in the leg when early in the year he anointed and pronounced Alhaji Lamido of Jigawa and Amaechi of Rivers states as next president and vice president respectively come 2015.

"If he, Obasanjo, had his constitutional right to stand for an election to vote and be voted for, same goes for Dr. Jonathan, who is a bonafide Nigerian from the South-South. The right of offer of refusal to contest or not to contest in 2015 solely rest with Jonathan alone.

"He must not be intimidated, harassed, stampeded or blackmailed to surrender power against the collective will of the good people of the South-South and Nigeria who in 2011 gave him (Jonathan) their mandate.

The Elders further commended President Jonathan on the development strides achieved by his administration.

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