I like new people. I find them intriguing [even if i googled them before the first meeting] until they move their seat next to mine :( . Nobody should be able to see my computer screen from their seat - nobody! . My space has been invaded, totally invaded by aliens from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

Just incase you're wondering why i'm ranting - two new people were recently employed at work and they're from OAU; that makes it four OAU alumni's in the room and one peeping through the window. I have nothing against OAU other than - mmhhmmm [i don't want to hurt anybody's fragile feelings] . Their presence also solidifies my position as the only female member of the content team - need to give dem boys a run for their money and make them respect my name. Things around here had gotten too slow and boring , i'm hoping it picks up.

I'm beginning to enjoy my weekends. Last weekend, i went window shopping with a friend and her friend. Dayumm, we had a fab time - we didn't even need to gossip about anybody :rolleyes: . We roamed from shop to shop in the big mall we visited, touched things we could never afford and ate too much ice cream. Already looking forward to this weekend.


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Passingby.... Students' Union President @Lequte coming after you soon.

I'm still loading....
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I bet those OAU boys are treating you quite right, because they are all cultured.