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Breaking barriers to entry into trading

The ease and comfort that the internet has brought into our lives is incredible. This world now offers plenty of choices to earn additional money through various online services, including trading. Why is trading of special significance? Because there are thousands of individuals who wish to explore this option. However, it is often difficult to find a suitable platform, which could offer reliability, affordability and general ease of the process. Individuals also look for someone who could help them understand the basics of trading without spending too much time. Olymp Trade offers them the solution they had been seeking so far.

Olymp Trade – simple & streamlined
Olymp Trade has been in the business since 2014, and has gained lot of popularity over the years. This is evident from the fact that over 10,000,000 individuals have downloaded the trading app from Google play store. The streamlined process of making online investments and simple registration helps people get started within minutes.

Yet the company understands that most of the beginners face a lot of confusion during the initial stage – and this is why Olymp Trade team has placed special emphasis on offering technical support. So, whichever part of the world you live in, someone will always be there to help you out in your time zone and most likely, in a language that you understand. The multilingual technical support is indeed an essential feature.

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Importantly, the Olymp Trade platform provides extensive educational material for both beginners and expert traders. These materials explain various indicators and help you choose a strategy, while a host of webinars share some more in-depth online investment techniques. The webinars are also like continued features, keeping you abreast of new developments.

The education database can be of great help in simplifying the process of trading via consistent learning. In the Analytics section, you will find live updates on forex, commodities, indices and a number of stocks prices with recommendations on the positions you can take. It also has a calendar to update you on the upcoming economic and business events

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Some statistics to support the claim
The popularity of the platform, which is certified by the International Financial Commission, is evident from financial and other numbers. During the last month, over 20,000 users were trading with Olymp Trade every day. The total amount traded was $148 million. Further, Olymp Trade made a payout of over $7 million to its members as earnings. Interestingly, the average size of a trade was reasonably small - at $4.7, which is contrary to the common perception that trading involves large sums of money.

So, as a beginner, you need not worry that you would have to put in a large amount of capital. A trading account can be opened with as little as $10, and you can invest minimum $1 into each deal. A variety of payment options through bank cards, e-wallets, local banks, etc. gives you the freedom to choose whichever you are most comfortable with.

The platform also provides an option to open a VIP account on deposit of $/€ 2000. This gives access to a variety of additional features such as more trading signals, inputs for strategy, personal manager etc.

Bonuses, withdrawals and lot more
But that is not all. The Olymp Trade platform offers a unique bonus scheme. As per the scheme, a bonus amount is offered to any individual at the time of registration. This is normally equal to the registration amount and ranges from $30 to $200 (or Euro). It gives a greater sense of security, more leverage to the trading results and helps build more confidence among beginners. The bonus scheme extends to all fresh deposits and every time you deposit some money in your account, you receive additional bonuses. (Please note – this extra amount can only be used for trading and cannot be withdrawn from the account directly). Interestingly, you can decline the bonus if you do not feel comfortable with that.

While earning from the trades is one aspect, the ease with which money can be withdrawn determines how long the traders would stick to a platform. Olymp Trade facilitates transfer of money within 24 hours without any deduction for transfer charges. The charges levied by the payment gateways are borne by the platform. Furthermore, if you are a VIP account holder, the transfer takes even lesser time, just a few hours.

And if you still have any doubts or wish to know more; go ahead. Make use of the world class technical support team.


I don't understand how you can care about articles like "Olymp Trade Allows You to Enter the World of Trading". Where I am and where trading is. I'll never understand these spreads, margins and expirations.


Judging by the fact that you read this article you are still interested in this topic. And I guess you'd like to ask if it is true what the article says about a beginner being able to learn how to trade. The answer is that it's absolute truth and Olymp is just what you need for starting from scratches.


I agree with you. There's a lot of useful stuff for beginners and technical support works well. The funds withdrawal is done quickly with no commission. If you doubt it, try trading on a demo account, and then decide where you are, and where trading is.


Please, I have Olympic demo account and I have been planning to deposit some money into my teal account, how do I convert naira account to dollar. Please I need urgent solution asap. [email protected].


Please how do I fund my live account with Nigeria currency and how will I withdraw to Nigeria account . please put me through,my WhatsApp contact is 08184258055 and my email is [email protected]
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I tend to believe the article. You will never get a lot of money on small bets. If you put 10$, the results will be TOO modest. If you put 1$ and lose, then the chance to earn with the next bet exceeds. And spending 2$, the losses will be covered. So on so forth. Sooner or later the bet becomes profitable and you'll go positive.


Martingale strategy doesn't fit to forex, as a trader, at some point, will lack a deposit for the next bet.


Moreover, if you consider forex a roulette, you'll not get anything at all. All profit will be temporary. Forex, compared to roulette, has predictable trends. You just need to study the technical analysis, and the possibility to get profit will be significantly higher than 50%.
I have a DEMO account in which am doing very well, but i want to fund my real live account with Nigerian Naira, pls i need your help on how to go about it. My whatsapp number is 08187109474 and my email is [email protected]. Tanx.


Is it possible to trade with my Naira savings account or do I need a domiciliary account for the transaction. Thanks for future response


Please how do I fund my live account with Nigeria currency and how will I withdraw to Nigeria account . please put me through,my WhatsApp contact is 08028051185 and my email is
[email protected]


Nice one. Please I would like to be well informed about the deposit and withdrawal stuff if you would not mind sending the info to my email address : [email protected] . Thanks for being so resourceful. You are the best...
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