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A busy season in German Bundesliga is coming to an end, which means it’s high time to total it up. The current championship has turned to be rather ambiguous for Hoffenheim. On the one hand, the team’s results demonstrate a certain regression, but on the other, given last year’s losses, everything could have been worse.

The main problem for Hoffenheim was that Julian Nagelsmann left the team. It was this coach who led the team to the Champions League. Immediately after he had left, the club dropped to the middle of the standings. This result is hardly unexpected or disastrous, but it is obvious that the fans had much higher expectations.

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However, despite the fact that the current season can hardly be called a success for the club, the chances for further progress are not so bad for Hoffenheim. It is enough to strengthen just a few positions so that the team can become a serious competitor to the well-known grandees of German football.

In order to make forecasts for the games with the participation of the club and its rivals in the future, you just should complete Betin login. You can perform it round the clock. If talking about the strong points of Hoffenheim, which the team already possesses, the following is worth mentioning:

Teamwork. Many partners have been interacting on the field for a long time. This minimizes the number of mistakes on the field. This is the key to achieving the result the team wants.
The leaders’ personal skills. Largely due to them, the team has scored points regularly.
A generally good selection of performers.
However, it is worth mentioning that has Hoffenheim lost the leaders quite often recently. If the team hopes to fight for qualifying for the European competitions seriously, then they must keep them.

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