Metro Ugandan Victim Confesses To Have Enjoyed Rape, Suspect Acquitted - Daily Monitor



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Somewhere in Stella Zone in Najjanankumbi, Kampala, it is 9pm and people are planning to go to bed. A young, energetic man hides in a banana plantation and waits his chance to pounce on his prey, perhaps no one in particular. A woman in her late 30s rushes home.

The young man, Charles Lutaaya, summons all his energies, grabs the woman from the back and in one throw lands her on the ground.

Before the woman could recover from the crash as her body touched the ground, the young man tears her fabric and has sex with her.

When the damage is done, the woman gathers her belongings and proceeds home.

Though she had recognised the man as the porter who does casual work around the village, the woman kept mum in fear of the shame that would come with revealing that the porter had raped her, she later narrated

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