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General Health Why Sleep Deprivation Is Dangerous To Your Health – Nairaland

Whether one’s physical or economic activities are involved or not, the need for sleep cannot be over-accentuated. For one of the reasons that it is necessary to living a healthy life, sleep also plays a role in the balance to a mental health. I can also tell you that having to work late into the night is not encouraging for a good sleep pattern. A deficiency in sleep is known as ‘sleep deprivation’. Sleep deprivation can be acute or chronic condition.

Now, this is especially dangerous: Chronically sleep-deprived people do not realize that they are working at a deteriorated level. In a circumstance that entails survival, it is likely you imagine the many diverse reasons why you might suffer from inadequate sleep such as strange environments, rise in responsibilities, tiredness from activities and accumulation from previous stress will combine to largely soar the prevalence of this medical issue....


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