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    General Health How to Help a Depressed Friend: 15 Do’s and Don’ts, When to Intervene – Healthline

    Do you have a friend who’s living with depression? You’re not alone. According to the most recent estimates from the National Institute of Mental Health, just over 7 percent of all U.S. adults experienced an episode of major depression in 2017. Worldwide, over 300 million adults and … Read...
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    General Health Pressure of Being a ‘Strong Black Woman’ Often Leads to Depression – EBONY

    Though many of us have felt the pressure to live up to the “strong Black woman” narrative, a new study suggests giving in to that mentality could do more harm than good. A new study reported by Psy Post suggests that African-American women who are “naturally strong and self-sacrificing,” are …...
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    General Health Can depression be as a result of over thinking or social media pressure?

    Depression is not just sadness. Depression is the inability to do even the most basic ordinary day-to-day activities. The inability to get out of bed. The inability to leave the house. Finding it painful to partake in everyday routines. Depressed is to feel betrayed by your own body. What is...
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    General Health How Do You Help an Online Friend Who Seems Depressed? – Vice

    As long as there’s been an internet, there have been people using it to indulge in emotional oversharing. But for Elyse Ash, a digital marketer in Minneapolis, the dog photos and memes that once filled her timeline have increasingly been replaced by posts that seem a little darker, a little …...
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    General Health How depression affects memory – The Hindu – Health

    Forming a memory of people, places, and events is a dynamic process, and many studies have shown that psychiatric disorders such as depression may affect... Read more via The Hindu – Health
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    General Health Depression Plus HIV Can Turn Deadly – WebMD Health

    (HealthDay News) — When it coincides with HIV, depression appears associated with an increased risk of death, a new study says. Researchers analyzed data from the U.S. Veteran’s Aging Cohort Study to compare the risk … Read more via WebMD Health
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    General Health It’s More Than Just Your Brain — These Are the Physical Symptoms of Depression – POPSUGAR Fitness UK

    People may be familiar with the mental symptoms of depression: feeling sad, helpless, hopeless, and worthless. Often, these symptoms last for weeks or months (or longer), and can be debilitating. People tend to isolate themselves and have a tough time leaving the house, let alone performing...
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    General Health Working long hours increases depression risk in women – Medical News Today

    Women who clock 55 working hours or more every week might have a higher risk of depression. Also, working weekends can increase depression risk for both men and women. Working longer hours may impact mental health, especially for women. A new study that now appears in the Journal … Read more...
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    General Health Depression may speed brain aging, early research suggests –

    Washington— Memory and thinking skills naturally slow with age but now scientists are peeking inside living brains to tell if depression might worsen that decline — and finding some worrisome clues..... Read more via -
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    Can social media really cause depression? – Medical News Today

    The notion that social media has a negative impact on mental well-being is widespread. The researchers who conducted a new long-term study, however, say that this might not be the case. A new study examined the role of social media in depression. The supposed effects of social media … Read...
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    General Health A diet rich in fiber and vegetables can relieve depression – Medical News Today

    A healthful diet can ‘significantly reduce’ symptoms of depression. That’s the definitive conclusion from a meta-analysis of existing randomized, clinical trials. Adding more vegetables to your diet can significantly boost mood, especially for women, a new study concludes. Researchers have...
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    General Health New evidence links specific gut bacteria to depression – New Atlas – New Technology & Science News

    Perhaps one of the most compelling, and little understood, areas of gut microbiome science is the strange relationship between gut bacteria and mental health. Researchers are rapidly uncovering new insights into the gut-brain connection, discovering potential microbiome influences... Read...
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    General Health If You’re Often Angry Or Irritable, You May Be Depressed –

    Registered nurse Ebony Monroe of Houston recently went through a period of being quick to anger about every little thing. She didn’t realize then what it might mean for her health....... Read more via
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    General Health 10 Things People Get Wrong About Living With Depression – HuffPost UK

    There are many stereotypes surrounding depression, from being unable to get out of bed to crying at all hours of the day. But those living with the condition will tell you that the illness comes in many forms, and often looks far different than what we’ve learned over the … Read more via...
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    General Health How long-term depression alters the brain – Medical News Today

    Depression has become a common mental health problem. For some, this condition lingers for many years, and scientists now strive to understand how that might affect the brain, and how treatments should be adjusted to address these changes. When depression doesn’t loosen its grip for a decade...
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    General Health Michael Phelps Goes To Therapy To Deal With Depression – AskMen

    Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time. A 23-time gold medalist who is unstoppable in the pool. Phelps also struggles with depression and he’s not … Read more via AskMen
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    General Health How to be alone without being lonely, regardless of your relationship status – Well+Good

    Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin once said (or rather, crooned), “Nobody wants to be lonely.” And that sentiment rings especially true around the holidays. Whether you’re single and wishing you had a cuffing-season partner, or you’re in a committed relationship and various obligations (or...
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    General Health 8 Ways to Tackle Morning Depression and Successfully Get Out of Bed – Healthline

    I’ve been living with depression for so long that I feel like I’ve gone through every symptom the condition has to offer. Hopelessness, check. Fatigue, check. Insomnia, check. Weight gain — and weight loss — check and check. Living with depression is hard, no matter what symptoms you’re...
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    General Health Michael Phelps Struggles With Depression – Here’s How He Tames It – AskMen

    Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time. A 23-time gold medalist who is unstoppable in the pool. Phelps also struggles with depression and he's not afraid to admit it. The American swimmer appeared this week at a … Read more via AskMen
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    General Health It Took Me 6 Years to Realize My Anger Was Depression – Healthline

    Feeling blue doesn’t ever stop for me. It’s a kind of constant that’s glue to my bones and has stayed around long enough that I know how to manage it when depression makes my body and mind too stiff to care. The downside of “managing it” is that I usually … Read more via Healthline...