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    General Health HPV Vaccine Beating Cancer-Causing Virus Worldwide – WebMD Health

    HPV vaccination programs significantly reduce human papillomavirus infections and precancerous cervical lesions, a new global review finds. Vaccination protects against the HPV strains that cause the majority of cervical cancers. Researchers analyzed 65 studies that included data collected...
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    General Health The HPV Vaccine Is A Cancer Vaccine, Not A Sex Vaccine – Forbes

    Marcia Cross, actress best known for her work on the hit television show Desperate Housewives, recently revealed that she is being treated for anal cancer, which is seen in less than 1% of cancer cases each year. The actress wanted to share her story, not only to raise awareness of … Read...
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    General Health What To Know About The HPV Vaccine – Scary Mommy

    As a parent of two teenagers, the topic of sex comes up pretty frequently in our house. My husband and I have an open, honest dialogue with our teens because we want them to have accurate information when it comes time to make decisions with their sexual partners. We … Read more via Scary...
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    General Health Dentists say HPV vaccine is a ‘no brainer’ as cases of head, neck and mouth cancer on the rise – TheJournal.ie

    THE HPV VACCINE is a “no brainer”, the Irish Dental Association has said. The Oireachtas Health Committee was told yesterday that there has been a significant rise in cases of head and neck cancer. Professor Leo Stassen said he treats over 100 cases of mouth cancer each year, which is …...
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    Sexual Health Teens Actually Have Safer Sex After HPV Vaccine, Study Finds – Huffington Post

    One of the biggest concerns around introducing the HPV vaccine was that it would embolden teenagers to be more promiscuous, or to have riskier sex. But new Canadian research backs up findings from other countries proving that isn’t that case. In fact, the UBC study found … Read more via...
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    General Health Why Your Son Should Get the HPV Vaccine – Verywell Health

    Gardasil-9 is a vaccine that protects against infection from the human papillomavirus (HPV), an infectious organism that’s spread through sexual contact. It’s the most current version of the vaccine available, having replaced the original Gardasil vaccine in May 2017. When the first Gardasil...