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    Metro El-zakzaky’s Followers List 5 Conditions For Peace

    Leaders of Shia Islamic Movement of Nigeria yesterday, in Abuja have itemised five conditions for possible truce, chief among them is the immediate release of their spiritual leader, Sheikh El-Zakzaky. The sect also insisted that the killing of its members by Nigerian soldiers in Zaria, Kaduna...
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    Metro 8 Things You Need To Know About Ibrahim El Zakzaky, Shi'ite Leader

    Ibrahim Yaqoub El Zakzaky was born on May 5, 1953 in Zaria, Kaduna State abd he is the Shi'aMuslim cleric in Nigeria, and head of Nigeria's Islamic Movement. Nigerian forces invaded his home recently in retaliation of an alleged assassination attempt of the Army chief, which led to unverified...
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    Metro CAN Reacts To Move To List Nigeria Among 34-Islamic Nations

    The umbrella body of Christians in Nigeria, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, last night protested the attempt by the current All Progressives Congress, APC, government to subtly enlist Nigeria among Arab nations to fight ISIS. It was reported on foreign news that Saudi Arabia was...
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    World Amnesty International Reacts to Army, Shia Clashes in Zaria

    Amnesty International has called for an impartial investigation into the weekend clashes between the Nigerian army and followers of a Shia cleric that left dozens of people dead. Most of the people killed belonged to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria led by cleric Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakyzaky...
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    Metro Zaria Killings: Shi’ite Muslims Reject FG’s Probe, Demands Release of Leader

    Shi’ite Muslims have rejected a panel set up by the government to investigate a military crackdown in which they say hundreds of their members were killed in northern Zaria city. The military accuses the pro-Iranian sect, known as the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), of trying to assassinate...
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    Metro Shi'ite: Over 200 Nigerian Muslim Leaders To Meet in Abuja Over Zaria Killings

    The leadership of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, has summoned an emergency “expanded general purpose meeting ” over last week’s massacre of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Premium Times reports. The NSCIA is the highest Islamic body in Nigeria, under the...
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    World Muslims Are Not Coming To This Country If I'm President - Trump

    Donald Trump has defended his controversial call to stop foreign Muslims entering America, saying: "They're not coming to this country", reports Nick Allen in Las Vegas. In the final Republican debate of the year Mr Trump, the clear front-runner for the party's presidential nomination, also...
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    Metro [Photos] Thousands of Shi'ites Stage Protests in Kano, Bauchi and Kebbi States

    Thousands of Nigerian Shiites have staged protest in different countries including the largest march in Kano, Kebbi and Bauchi to protest against the arrest of their leader EL-Zakzaky and the death of their members during the 2-day violent clash with the Nigerian Army.. See photos:
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    World Saudi Arabia Announces Nigeria As Part of 34-State Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism

    Saudi Arabia has formed a coalition of 34 mainly Muslim countries - including powers such as Egypt and Turkey - to coordinate a fight against "terrorist organisations". The Saudi government said the multi-national coalition includes Turkey, Pakistan, Nigeria, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, and...
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    Metro Tension In Kaduna As Shi'ites Protest Killing Of Their Members

    Tension is currently on in Kaduna as members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria are said to have embarked on a protest over the arrest and detention of their leader, Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky. Channels Television reported that the protest is currently going on in Tudun Wada and Kawo areas in...
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    World Iran Summons Nigerian Envoy over Killing of Shiite Muslims

    Iran's state television on Monday said that the country's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Nigerian Charge d'Affaires to protest the killing of Shiite Muslims in northern Nigeria. The broadcast says a senior Foreign Ministry official condemned the killings and said the Nigerian government...
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    World [Video] Muslims Have The Right To Kill Anyone Who Does Not Respect Islam – Cleric

    A video has surfaced on the internet about an interview with a so-called “moderate” Muslim cleric, Imam Mullah Krekar on a Norwegian TV show. The video has gone viral because it shows an Islamic leader in the West being honest about what Islam teaches when it comes to non-Muslims. In response...
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    World Stop Crackdown on Shiites, Iran tells Nigeria

    Following last Saturday’s violent clash between the Nigerian Army and members of the Muslim sect, Shiite, in Zaria, Kaduna State, Iran has called on Nigerian authorities to respect religious figures and sites, Vanguard reports. “Nigeria… is now dealing with problems arising from extremism and...
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    World Donald Trump Urges Ban on Muslims Entering United States

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a halt to Muslims entering the US, in the wake of the deadly California shootings. In a campaign statement, he said a "total and complete" shutdown should remain until the US authorities "can figure out" Muslim attitudes to the US...
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    World [Photos] Mali: Muslim Hostages Allowed To Leave By Gunmen - Daily Mail UK

    Daily Mail UK is reporting that some Muslims among the hostages were allowed to leave the hotel by the gunmen that attack the Mali hotel. Jihadists kill three as they go 'floor to floor' screaming 'Allahu Akbar' during AK-47 rampage at Mali hotel and take 170 hostages before freeing those who...