3 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Offers

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    Imagine the situation. You are a professional with years of experience, qualifications and charisma. But, despite all of this, it is difficult for you to find your place on the labor market. Wonder why this is happening? Because you have not posted your resume here https://jiji.ng/seeking-work-cvs, this is where your new career starts. Don’t wait up, get your resume noticed today. Sometimes, some people are long-term unemployed for no reason, sometimes, there is a reason when someone can not seem to find a job.


    Discover these 3 mistakes that might be stopping you from getting a job and fix them right away.

    1. Job can not find you
    Most recruiters use a fairly simple scheme when searching for candidates. So for an active job seeker who will like to attract attention from headhunters, hiring managers, arm your resume with key buzz words that describe your skills/competencies for each job stint, so that your profile can be better identified. For example, "food", "software developer", "sales", “JAVA” etc.


    2. Your resume is not perfect
    Do you already have a resume? Is it perfect? It is unlikely that you will receive a job offer if you do not meet the employer's requests. And it's not about recruiter being incompetent. You just hit the wrong target.The continuous text without even minimum formatting will put to sleep every recruiter. Use a bit of creativity, adjust your resume according to a job position you are applying to. Pay special attention to the description of skills obtained in previous positions. Uncover your skills through practical examples. Operate by numbers and facts. Add your photo.


    3. You are not preparing for interview

    Well, you were invited to an interview, but during the interview something went wrong and you did not get the job. Perhaps, it was a bad preparation or you did not prepare at all? Practice and prepare are the keywords here. Practice possible interview questions, so you will be prepared to answer common HR questions like “why did you leave your previous job?”, “Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?”, “ What is your salary expectations?” and so on. Form your answer using this order: few words in general-statement-specify – example and wrap up. Learn about the company and prepare to ask questions as well. First impression is also important, so dress appropriately, and have a good luck on finding your job!



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    OUR COMPANY IS ALSO RECRUITING. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED THEN send me a PM(Pivate Message) here for guide. WE HAVE OFFICES IN PH, ENUGU, ABAKALIKI, ILLORIN, ABUJA, LAGOS, ONITCHA, AWKA, ABA, CALABAR, etc. We may as well have an office at your current. I will give you a code you show to them for admission during interview.
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    Tell me its not a scam
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    Pls, who is scamming who? I just said interested persons that want to MAD-(make a difference) not for all.
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    What posts are you reciting for? Why do they need a code during interview? What is the company called?
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    Fin steps global resources is the company's name. No one attends interview and training without being an invite and prove of invitation is the reference no.
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    good ideas
  9. wow thanks for this enlightenment
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    I have you to thank for this great info
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    Good stuff
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