CantQ Solutions: Nigeria School Search And 11 Other Things You Should Know

CantQ Solutions, which simply means ‘Cannot Queue’, was introduced in 2014 to use innovation and information technology to provide cutting edge solutions for business. 247 Solutions Limited is the parent company of the CantQ Solutions.

Below are the 12 things you need to know about CantQ Solutions.

1. CantQ Solutions has a bouquet of solutions that cut across education, entertainment, business and we keep adding more based on customer feedbacks and business needs.

2. Our solutions aim to reduce the stress on Nigerians by providing convenient, seamless and easy to use business solutions tapping into the vast increase in the number of smartphone/internet users in the country.

3. the pioneering brand of CantQ Solutions, with over 5million internet hits per month. The site covers all educational sectors from primary, secondary, tertiary, to professional and vocational institutions in Nigeria. It also covers Study Abroad, School Shops and sponsored educational articles.

4. With and parents can rate, review and comment on schools, sharing their experience with others. This helps others in their search by giving them more views aside the words of the school administrators which helps in making that important decision.

5. the largest database of registered schools in Nigeria. It offers a free service that provides detailed information about schools like their- addresses, phone numbers, emails and websites.

6. CantQ4tickets is another brand of the CantQ Solutions. It is a complete e-ticketing solution that handles all ticketing needs from generation to sales and to distribution of tickets. It totally bears the entire ticketing burden for any event- conferences, seminars, workshops, fundraisers, concert and pre-registration for shows/events.

7. Customers can conveniently buy tickets through our different sales channels- online, sms, email, social media and agents and also enjoy our unbeatable offer whenever they buy tickets before the event.

8. CantQ4tickets guarantees best prices for every event ticket. We are redefining entertainment by making our freelancers and agents benefit from the sales of tickets. Also, we have real time dashboard for our clients to track sales and also makes changes to events if need be.

9. The latest addition to the CantQ Family is the CantQ Platform. It is an innovative and interactive platform that enables customers to interact with companies directly.

10. The platform uses serialization technology and has modules like: Online Promo which enables customers to validate and participate in online promos; The Raffle module enables customers to enter for company raffles electronically; Customer Feedback enables customers to engage in seamless interaction with companies; BuySure uses serialization technology to help customers validate the authenticity of products; Promo Spot serves as an information hub for offline promos to customers.

11. Customers can get latest deals and promos from their favourite stores and companies. It is also a very good avenue for small companies to advertise and sell their products.

The platform has another module where job seekers can submit their résumés directly to companies without passing through agents.


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