Sponsored Get A Loan Of Up To 15 Million Naira And Above In Four Simple Steps

How would you like to raise a capital of up to 15 million Naira to start your business, invest in a project, own an apartment or meet up with those unending financial responsibilities? Lack of funds can be a huge obstacle when trying to achieve any of those goals.

Accessing a loan of such an amount is nearly impossible especially in Nigeria’s financial market.

Great News! We have created Rosabon Asset Cash Loan (ACL) to give you access to credit facilities of up to 15 million Naira and above by using your vehicle(s) as an asset to access the loan. During the repayment period which is up to 24 months, you continue to enjoy the use of your vehicle for your regular day to day or business activities. Thereby, enabling you to achieve your financial goals easily.

This facility is specifically for individuals with a steady income (salary earners or business owners whose businesses are duly registered with the CAC) and a vehicle to access the loan.

Benefits of ACL

  • Minimal interest rates

  • Access to 15 Million Naira and UP!

  • Full unrestricted access to your vehicle. You still get to have it in your possession.

  • Repayment period of up to 24 months (2 years)!

  • Fast approval process!

It can’t get this good anywhere else!

rosabon acl.png

Steps To Apply

Apply for this facility by contacting 08150880038/08150880039 or WhatsApp 08150880066. You can also send a mail to [email protected].

It is that easy!

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What are the hidden charges? Can the payment be extended to 14 months
Ayoade aanuoluwapo Esther

Ayoade aanuoluwapo Esther

It's not possible
Great amenah

Great amenah

Can the payment be extended to 14 months?
But a very good system of granting loan
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