World Man Faces Death Penalty for Dumping Islam in Sudan



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An activist, Mr. Mohamed Al-Dosogy, is in trouble for attempting to dump Islam for atheism in Sudan.

He was arrested last Monday, two days after he requested a judge to allow him to change his religion to atheism, a move that was tantamount to renouncing his faith.


Article 126 of Sudan’s 1991 Penal Code imposes the death penalty on offenders found guilty of apostasy.

However, a judge on Thursday issued a decision dismissing the case and ordering his release.

The judge said the defendant had been examined by a psychiatric and it was determined that he is mentally incompetent to stand trial.

However, the defense team on Friday rejected the decision, saying the defendant never asked the court to submit him to a psychiatric test.

The case has attracted social media comments as Reem‏ @ReemWrites tweeted “ If Ahmed Al-Desouqi’s case goes to court, he will face the death penalty under article 126 of the criminal act (on Apostasy)


Another violation of the fundamental human rights of citizen freedom of religion
My gullible human rights enthusiasts, before you go cursing the religion (mind you, your own bible has the same punishment, but you don't follow that anymore ofcourse) This is an act. The man goes to a judge and ask his ID be changed to atheist knowing what a controversy that would cause. His defense team are complaining that the judge let him go (odd) !! The same would happen in Nigeria, same (religious) laws whether christian, Muslim or jew.