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    General Health How Much Alcohol Can You Drink Safely? – The New York Times

    Humans have been drinking fermented concoctions since the beginning of recorded time. But despite that long relationship with alcohol, we still don’t know what exactly the molecule does to our brains to create a feeling of intoxication. Likewise, though the health harms of heavy drinking are...
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    Sexual Health Scientists Have Found The Best Exercise Men Can Do To Improve Their Bedroom Performance – D’MARGE

    When it comes to bedroom performance men can be reticent to admit anything is in need of improvement. But statistics don’t care about your ego: 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction and 30% experience premature ejaculation. Scientists and pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, do...
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    General Health 12 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories – Healthline

    If you want to get the most calorie bang for your buck, you might want to take up running. Running burns the most calories per hour. But if running isn’t your thing, there are other calorie-burning exercises like HIIT workouts, jumping rope, and swimming. You can do … Read more via...
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    General Health Here’s What to Expect When You Take the Morning-After Pill – Byrdie

    Here at Byrdie HQ, our health—mental, sexual, reproductive, and the like—is always top of mind. That said, women’s health has historically been a topic either buried in controversy or ignored all together. So, this year, we’re taking Women’s Health Week as an opportunity to serve up helpful...
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    Sexual Health Sorry Guys, Penis Extension Surgery Doesn’t Work and Is Dangerous – AskMen

    Whether you’d ever actually get your penis extended, you’ve probably at least thought about what might go into a surgical process like this. Unfortunately, according to a new study, we have bad news when it comes to extending the length of your … Read more via AskMen
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    Sexual Health What Does Demisexual Mean? –

    Ever take one look at someone and suddenly feel completely smitten—maybe it’s their eyes or smile, or just the adorable way their hair falls in front of their eyes? Or you find yourself physically close to another person, and … Read more via
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    General Health 6 Ways To Reduce Your Risk Of Dementia, According To A New Report – mindbodygreen

    The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that around 50 million people worldwide have dementia. Dementia is a condition characterized by difficulty with memory, thinking, and doing everyday daily activities.... Read more via mindbodygreen
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    General Health 11 Period Myths You’ve Probably Heard, But Definitely Aren’t True –

    About half the people in the world get, have gotten, or will get their period at some point in their lives. But despite how normal menstruation is, it can still be a confusing topic..... Read more via
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    General Health Drinking This Many Cups of Coffee a Day is Actually Dangerous –

    How many afternoons have you sluggishly moseyed over to the office coffee machine and wondered, Is this really my fourth cup of the day? Or wait, is it my fifth? We’ve all been there, but a new study shows refilling your cup too often could be hurting your health...... Read more via...
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    Sexual Health Ending Masturbation Myths – Sex, Etc.

    “Don’t you know that masturbation causes hair loss?” my friend says, as he pulls up an article online. “Look, it says that masturbation increases testosterone in the body, which creates … Read more via Sex, Etc. | Sex education by teens, for teens
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    General Health The Ridiculous And Possibly Harmful Practice Of Cupping – Forbes

    People are easily fooled. Even smart people. I’m not talking about voters in the U.S. and the UK, although both groups have recently demonstrated how easily they can be conned into voting against their own interests. You can read plenty of articles about that elsewhere. No, I’m talking about...
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    Family Health People with Happy Spouses may Live Longer: See reasons and Study –

    For about up to 8 years, participants and their spouses reported on life satisfaction and various factors hypothesized to be related to mortality. Having a happy spouse not only leads to a longer marriage, but may also be key to a longer life, a study claims. The study, published in … Read...
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    General Health 6 Mistakes That Slow Down Your Metabolism –

    Keeping your metabolism high is crucial for losing weight and keeping it off. However, several common lifestyle mistakes may slow down your metabolism and make it difficult to lose any weight. Making these mistakes on a regular basis can also make you more prone to gain weight in the future. …...
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    General Health 10 fascinating penis facts – Medical News Today

    Although many of us men are relatively familiar with our penis and its antics, there’s more to our appendage than meets the eye. In this feature, we discuss 10 interesting things that you probably didn’t know about your genitals. … Read more via Medical News Today
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    General Health 7 things you should know about poop – Medical News Today

    Although it is not necessarily the most pleasant of topics, we must, at least, respect its ubiquity: poop is everywhere. In this Spotlight, we bring you some fascinating stool-based knowledge. Poop is complex, surprising, and disgusts us. Feces unites the entire animal kingdom. It is something...
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    Sexual Health Causes, treatment, and when to see a doctor – Medical News Today

    Minor vaginal cuts and tears are common and often occur when a person is removing body hair or engaging in sexual activity. People with certain hormonal, skin, and immune conditions may be more likely to get vaginal cuts or tears. Minor vaginal wounds are usually harmless, but they … Read...
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    General Health Many women with heart disease don’t get enough exercise – Futurity

    Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death for American women, 43 million of whom have the condition, according to the American Heart Association. The findings, which appear in JAMA Network Open, suggest that women diagnosed with disorders... Read more via Futurity...
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    General Health The 7 early warning signs of ovarian cancer – as 1 in 5 patients are diagnosed too late due to postcode lottery – The Sun

    THOUSANDS of women are at risk of dying from ovarian cancer – because they’re diagnosed too late. A postcode lottery means a fifth of patients are found to have the disease in the advanced stages, a charity warned today...... Read more via The Sun
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    Sexual Health Smoking Weed Is More Harmful to Your Sperm Than Cigarettes – AskMen

    Many people believe smoking marijuana to be relatively harmless compared to smoking cigarettes. However, for men, a new study indicates that the reverse might be true. Smoking weed could be more harmful to your sperm than smoking cigarettes...... Read more via AskMen
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    General Health Five Things Not To Say To Someone With Cancer – From Someone Who Said Them All – HuffPost UK

    There are few words as frightening as cancer. The term has been around since 400BC, when Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek father of medicine, named a mass ‘karkinos’, or ‘crab’. When his work was studied by the Romans, they used their word for crab: cancer. Tumours can be as hard … Read more...