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  1. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health How to Calm Down: 15 Things to Do When You’re Anxious or Angry – Healthline
  2. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health How regular exercise benefits immunity even in isolation – The Guardian Nigeria News
  3. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health Scientists finally solve the mystery behind body odour – First Reports
  4. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health Samsung cuts weight and calorie intake tracking from its Health app – Engadget
  5. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health Having trouble peeing? Your prostate is likely the culprit – The Star Online
  6. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ Has Risen During Pandemic – WebMD Health
  7. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health The 6 Best Bang For Your Buck Exercises To Increase Your Performance In The Bedroom – BroBible
  8. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health The 8 best herbs and spices for brain health, according to a doctor and a neuroscientist – Well+Good
  9. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health Why Loneliness Hurts So Much, According to Science – Next Big Idea Club
  10. Chinedu Iroka

    General Health How to find body positivity after cancer –
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    General Health Want to Help Keep Diabetes at Bay? Brush & Floss – WebMD Health
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    General Health The 20 most painful conditions you can suffer from – hulldailymail
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    General Health The eight warning signs of a heart attack you can notice a month early – essexlive
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    General Health 11 Signs Your Eyes Could Be in Danger – The Healthy
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    General Health Hidden Dangers of Ultraprocessed Foods – WebMD Health

    Feb. 21, 2020 -- At his heaviest, Steve Konzelman weighed 503 pounds. His blood pressure had reached 180/140. (Normal is 120/80 or lower). His doctor told him he could have a stroke at any moment. He was in his 20s at the time. “Even then, I still didn’t take my medication,” he says...
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    General Health 10 Signs Your Stress Is Out Of Control + How To Fix It – mindbodygreen

    Everyday stress can elicit the body's stress response and become harmful over time if too pronounced. From headaches to increasing your risk of disease (largely a result of the bad habits stress causes... Read more via mindbodygreen
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    General Health What to Know About Healthy Blood Pressure Levels – Consumer Reports

    In the past two years or so, many Americans suddenly found themselves faced with hypertension. For some 31 million, it wasn’t an abrupt surge in blood pressure that put them in that category..... Read more via Consumer Reports
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    General Health Here’s Why Heart Attack Symptoms Can Be So Hard to Spot in Women – SELF

    Women’s heart attack symptoms fly under the radar all too often. And a lot of that has to do with our own assumptions about what a heart attack actually looks like. For example, do a quick Google image search of the phrase “heart attack” and you’ll probably see an older … Read more via SELF...
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    General Health Marijuana Use May Increase Risk of False Memories – WebMD Health

    Your memories may be false if you try to recall events you witnessed while high on marijuana, a new study suggests. It found that taking just one hit of the drug doubled people’s number of false memories of a virtual reality scenario, CNN reported... Read more via WebMD Health...
  20. naija questions

    General Health Exercise Is the Answer for All That Ails You – Medium

    For a study published in 2019 in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences, a team of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio split up 59 people with Parkinson’s disease into two groups. Three days a week for eight weeks, both groups completed a 40-minute exercise.. Read more via Medium...