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Who doesn’t like to drink beer? And this is a known fact that we all enjoy the astounding aroma of the same which just make us delve into an another world. Well, no doubt, you can buy such premium-quality beers from Debenhams!! Moreover, have you thought of how it will be to find the taste of cherries, plums or any other fruit in your beer? Well, it does taste just out of the world!! The Belgians were the first to think about this concept and experimented with various fruits like raspberries, cherries etc. and nowadays the brewers have made the whole concept further an updated one by adding apples, bananas, blueberries and many other fruits. You can even find many exotic varieties available nowadays which will just let you delve into just another world!

However, if you’re someone who has an intense love for fruit beers or a person who didn’t know more about the same, there is an extensive list of ten classic and premium-quality fruit beers for you:

Let’s get started!!


1. Raspberry Redemption

The microbrewery in Henderson make this exotic fruit-beer which is full of raspberries an that will just make you feel a perfect fruity flavor. It has no loads of sweet or syrupy concentrates but really a good level of Mc Coy. While boiling this beer almost eighty pounds of raspberries are added. After that the beer is transferred into another sixty pounds of raspberries. And in this condition the beer is kept for three months when it soaks the real flavor of the raspberries. Also fifty pounds of Hershey’s cocoa and Belgian sugar candy are added which balances the beer with a sweet taste with respect to the tartness of the raspberries. And this beer is then carbonated which is further bottled to let you treat your taste-buds with the ultimate taste.

2. Lindemans Pomme

The Lindemans brewery came up with this really fantastic exotic fruit beer which was produced by the commercial brewing of lambic ales. The fruit which is involved with this beer is apple ( Pomme is what they say apple in french!). This beer is kept in open vats outside in the air where it is fermented with yeasts. This yeasts provide with the plenty of tartness in the beer along with the fresh red apples which are added when the secondary fermentation is done. This bottle of beer has an elegant look with a light golden hue and thick head with abundant foams in it which remain packed in the bottle as bubbles. With the aroma of sweet and sour apples where the sweetness remain upfront with the tartness in the aftertaste, this beer is just excellent to have a glass off!!


3. Tangerine Wheat

The Lost Coast Brewery in California produces this stupendous and exotic beer. It is having a stunning burnt orange honey color. The subtle aroma of this beer will obviously remind you nothing but freshly peeled tangarine. When being tasted this beer makes a transformation!! It will let you feel an initial tangarine sweetness immediately which after being tasted gives a tangy taste with a bitter reminiscent of tangarrine peel zest. Moreover, both the flavors make a good amalgamation with the wheat hops as well as perle finishing hops.

4. Peach Porch Lounger

This popular fruit beer contains peach juice, grits, molasses, lemon peel, biscuit peel and yeast. In this exotic beer, the peach juice provides with a sweet complement to the spicy funk of Belgian yeast. Moreover, the combination of other awesome ingredients gives a citric flavor which you will definitely love. With a 9.4 percent of alcohol in it the beer is just perfect for sipping !!

5. Three Philosophers

This is an interesting Belgian beer which has a strong aroma of tart cherries and dark fruits accompanied with sugar-sweet and malty base. This beer has a small quantity of cherry lambic and that’s and moreover the cherries are not the main player in this kind of beer but the lambic is the prominent component. However, one of the most unique facts about this beer is that the cherries taste tart rather than sweet here which can be felt specially in the aftertaste. The alcohol strength of this beer is around 10 percent in this beer with a mixture of sweet and savory taste.


6. Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry

The historic Melbourn brothers of Lincolnshire, England produces this fruit beer which tastes just splendid!! This beer is specially produced by a manual brewing equipment which includes an ancient grist mill and copper brewing vessels. Moreover, in this beer you can get the taste of organic and fresh as well as ripe strawberries which are local to that place. The strawberries are fermented with wild yeast which provides with a tart and sour flavor to the beer. And the strawberry juice, no doubt, provides with a sweet taste which is further being balanced by the creaminess of the hops.

7. Smashed Blueberry

This is a part of the very famous Pugley’s signature series which is actually a combination of porter and Scotch ale. The roasted barley and chocolate malt provides with a porter-like dark brown color and the richness of the chocolate. And moreover, the 9 percent alcohol strength and yeast let it to get placed in the category of Scotch ale. However, most predominantly the aroma of the beer is dominated by the natural and fresh blueberries along with the scents of coffee and cocoa. So, this is yet another exotic and fantastic fruit beer that you should taste.


8. Wells Banana Bread

This beer is produced by the Wells & Young’s Bread company in Bedford, England with the fair trade bananas which has a dark golden ale. Though banana is the last fruit you can think in a bottle of beer but trust me the aroma that you will get on opening a bottle of this beer will remind you the childhood memories where you used to have the smell of your mum baking the dessert breads. This awesome beer has an alcohol content of 5.2 % !!

. Éphémère Blackcurant

This exotic beer is produced by the Belgian-inspired Canadian brewery Unobroue which has a special kind of dark berries that are native to central and northern Europe. The color of this beer is just quintessential with pale red and pinkish hues merged with white head. You can also feel an aroma of citrus and spice, thanks to the Belgian style yeast used in wheat ale base. This crisp and refreshing fruit beer has 5.2 percent of alcohol.

10. #9 Not Quite Pale Ale

The mystifying #9 is a top secret which the Magic Hat Brewing company doesn’t reveal that produces this beer. It is actually brewed with apricots which gives a subtle, sweet and citrusy flavor with a slight tartness in it. As this beer is fermented with the 150 years old strains of the factory, you can find a light-bodied bottle with a mild and classic bitterness. Moreover, it has a 5.2% of alcohol and if you like apricots then you’ll just love this beer!!

So, if you’ve not tasted any one of the aforementioned fruit-beers yet then just make the move soon and buy a bottle. I am sure you’ll just love the taste, aroma, quality and what not!

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Krima Flint is a Health and beauty addict who blogs at Dealslands UK. She likes diet plans because it delivers portion-control food. Also Fitness conscious. She is type of geek who loves to write beauty hacks and skin care tips also. Creating vision for health-oriented beauty
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