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    General Health How lack of exercise lowers quality of life – BusinessDay

    The combination of lack of physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle puts the health of adults at greater risk by lowering the quality of life and exposing them to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia, hypertension, and some cancers. The health benefits of physical exercise far...
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    General Health The best cardio workout to blast belly fat – Prima

    There are a few things you should know about belly fat. First of all, if it seems like you always tend to gain pounds in your tummy, you can blame your DNA. Whether you store fat in your stomach or your rear is determined by your genes. “There’s not much … Read more via Prima...
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    General Health Guy Smarts: How to torch belly fat with just 2 exercises – pulse.ng

    If you want to cut down your belly fat but don’t have much time, space, or equipment, you’re in luck. You can do an effective, simple workout with just a kettlebell and some space that will help to burn away your gut. The … Read more via pulse.ng – https://ift.tt/2MaRuiK
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    General Health How to get just the right amount of exercise for your body (and mind) – The Telegraph

    How do you stop yourself from doing too much exercise? It’s admittedly not a question that keeps too many of us up at night. Health experts are often mocked for changing their advice dramatically from one day to the next, but on exercise the chorus has been constant: the … Read more via The...
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    General Health 20-Minute No-Equipment Total-Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere – SELF

    Strength training at the gym or taking a class at a fitness studio is great, but sometimes, you just want to get in your workout at home—or on vacation, or on a work trip, or wherever you may be. While most of us don’t have round-the-clock access to a full … Read more via SELF...
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    General Health New mums should wait 6 MONTHS before jogging after childbirth – Mail Online

    New mums are being warned not to go running or do star jumps or intense exercises for six months after having a child to protect themselves from incontinence and severe pelvic-organ problems. Experts say women desperate to get their figures back quickly are returning to high-impact exercise...
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    General Health According to the Experts, This Is Exactly How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off – POPSUGAR Fitness UK

    If it feels like almost everyone around you is constantly trying to lose weight, you’re not imagining things. The Centre for Disease Control estimates that 70 percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, and predictions show that number will continue to increase. The reason is that no...
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    Sexual Health 5 Exercises That Will Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels – AskMen

    If you’re feeling sluggish, uninspired, depressed or frequently exhausted, you might be suffering from low testosterone levels. While there is often a normal decrease in men as they age, it is important to maintain this essential hormone, since it can impact everything from your diet and your...
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    General Health Here’s The Workout That Got Josh Brolin Jacked For ‘Deadpool 2’ – AskMen

    Josh Brolin's career has been burning hot lately. He was simultaneously cast as Cable in Deadpool 2 as well as Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. For The Avengers, Brolin, 50, was decked out in CGI so it didn't show, but you probably noticed how jacked Brolin is in Deadpool 2. He's even arguably...
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    General Health Do You Know Walking Can Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer? Check Out Other Amazing Benefits Of Walking – ModernGhana News

    According to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, walking helps reduce the risk of all chronic diseases and is considered a ’wonder drug’ by many doctors and physicians. What makes walking the best form of exercise for your health is the fact that it goes easy on your heart and...
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    General Health 7 Movements To Undo the Damage of Sitting All Day – Fatherly

    Hey, are you sitting down? Considering the average person spends about 10 hours each day seated chances are pretty good that you are — either on the toilet or at a desk or on public transportation. And that’s not great for the business of being a functional human being. But there are simple ways...
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    General Health The 15 Best Exercises to Burn Fat and Tone Your Whole Body – POPSUGAR Fitness UK

    There isn’t one best way to lose fat, but we do know that lifting heavy weights and doing compound exercises (where multiple muscle groups are working at once) are great ways to burn fat and build muscle. If your goal is to lean out and get rid of … Read more via POPSUGAR Fitness UK...
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    General Health 12 People Have Died After Trying This Popular Weight-Loss Procedure – Health.com

    At least 12 deaths in the last two years have been linked to a popular treatment for obesity, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned in a letter to health care providers earlier this week. In most cases, patients died within a month of having a liquid-filled balloon inserted in … Read...
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    General Health 11 Simple Changes That Help Your Body Burn More Fat – mindbodygreen

    Looking at our culture, it doesn’t take long to see how obsessed we are with dieting and working out. We all want to be at a healthy weight in order to look and feel our best. But most of the time, maintaining our happy/healthy weight is easier said than done. … Read more via mindbodygreen...
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    General Health Bodyweight exercises the best bulk-up moves to do at home – – Men’s Health

    Whoever said you need a gym membership to build muscle is dreadfully misinformed. After all, why should you be paying upwards of £40 a month to expose yourself to feet-rotting germs, gym grunters and sub-par equipment? Exactly. (Related: How to build a six-pack at home in 3 weeks) … Read more...
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    General Health We’re finally understanding why exercise is great for your heart – Popular Science

    We’ve all been told that exercise is good for us. It reduces stress, keeps our muscles and bones healthy, and makes our hearts stronger. But the exact cardiovascular benefits are less clear. A big question has always been whether the heart can generate new cells once it had reached … Read...
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    7 Health Tips For The New Year

    As the year gradually winds up and the New Year beckons, it has become necessary to reflect on the outgoing year with a view to changing some bad habits while imbibing healthy lifestyles that will guarantee your sound health in the New Year. Furthermore, it's interesting to know that while many...
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    Top 7 Ways Exercise Is Good For the Body

    In our environment today, we are beginning to see an increase in certain medical conditions because we are no longer getting enough exercise. Humans now prefer sedentary lifestyle or are engaged in low output activities thereby leading to the accumulation of excess consumed calories as fat...