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    General Health How to Break Down Fat Deposits Stored in the Body – LIVESTRONG.COM

    Breaking down fat deposits and losing weight involve months or years of dedication and motivation, but the process is simple at its core; to lose weight, you need to get more activity and eat fewer calories than you burn. Taking a well-rounded approach to weight loss that involves both...
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    General Health 10 Changes in Your Body That Can Reveal a Lot About Your Health – Mordenismo

    Some health problems can be very sneaky — they may look like something simple and not alarm you enough to feel compelled to check it out, at least in the early stages. Doctors say that the earlier people find out about issues, the easier the treatment will be, and in some cases, early...
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    General Health How physical activities reduce risk of hypertension, diabetes, others – The Guardian Nigeria News

    Medical experts have identified Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) as the leading causes of morbidity and mortality, stressed on the need for increased physical activities to improve health and wellbeing. They harped … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News...
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    General Health 12 disadvantages of drinking alcohol for the body – Net Newsledger

    Alcohol is regarded as the life of the party by many but also a problematic beverage by a lot of people. Alcohol’s impact on the body starts from the moment when a person takes... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    General Health Severe gum disease linked to 49% higher risk of hypertension – The Guardian Nigeria News

    More and more evidence points to the notion that gum disease increases the risk of other health conditions, including hypertension. A new review of the literature now argues that the more severe the form of gum disease, the higher … Read more via The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and...
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    General Health Skin-lightening cream put a woman into a coma. It could happen again. – Salon

    She had been buying face cream through a friend of a friend for 12 years. This time, it was Pond’s “Rejuveness,” a version of the company’s anti-wrinkle cream that is made and sold in Mexico. But someone in the Mexican state of Jalisco laced the cream with a toxic skin-lightening … Read...
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    General Health What period symptoms are normal – and what aren’t? – rsvp

    Every woman’s period is different, with some bleeding just for two days, others for a week. You could suffer from cramps so bad you have to call in sick to work, or barely notice a twinge. You might have a heavy flow, or be lucky enough to have a light … Read more via rsvp...
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    General Health 14 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry – Healthline

    Hunger is your body’s natural cue that it needs more food. When you’re hungry, your stomach may “growl” and feel empty, or you may get a headache, feel irritable, or be unable to concentrate. Most people can go several hours between meals before feeling hungry again, though this isn’t the …...
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    Sexual Health 3 Ways To Get More Comfortable Asking For What You Want In Bed – mindbodygreen

    One of the most depressing findings in the study? One in 10 women "had yet to feel that their sexual pleasure mattered to a partner." "Sexual double standards continue to limit female sexual expression, inhibiting some women’s sexual communication and in particular their comfort level in...
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    General Health The Link Between Depression and Heart Disease May Be Stronger Than We Thought – Woman’s Day

    It’s well established that having a heart attack or stroke puts people at risk for developing depression, but research now points to a heart-mood relationship that goes both ways: One study found that people with depression had a 57% increased chance of heart attack or stroke. “In terms of …...
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    General Health 7 Things That Are Staining Your Teeth—and How to Fix It – TheThirty

    The causes of tooth discoloration vary, and it’s not just food and drink, smoking, or not brushing your teeth (but seriously, brush and floss). According to the Cleveland Clinic, other causes include some diseases that affect the enamel, radiation and chemotherapy, some medications, age...
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    General Health A Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You With These 8 Signals – Modernismo

    Prevention is better than cure. This simple rule applies to any disease and is especially valuable when symptoms are not properly acknowledged. We will describe crucial symptoms that might occur one month (or even earlier) before a heart attack. ... Read more via Modernismo...
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    Reasons You Should Avoid Posting Your Child’s Face On Social Media – TechMoran

    Your child’s safety is your priority. Every now and then we post a lot of our lives on social media. Most of us want to show people how well we are doing or just enlighten people about something in particular. However, when it comes to your child’s safety how far … Read more via TechMoran...
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    General Health The Effects of Depression in Your Body – Healthline

    Depression is one of the most common mental health illnesses in the United States, affecting about 26 percent of adults. Depression is technically a mental disorder, but it also affects your physical health and well-being. Learn more about some of the most common symptoms of depression, as...
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    General Health Causes of Irregular Heartbeat & High Blood Pressure – LIVESTRONG.COM

    Irregular heartbeat may be felt in the form of heart palpitations. These palpitations make it feel as though the heart is pounding, racing, or even skipping beats. A person can also have an irregular heartbeat and not be aware of it... Read more via LIVESTRONG.COM
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    Sexual Health Cleaning After Sex: How to Wash Your Bits, Toys, and Sheets – Greatist

    If you’ve achieved a form of sexcellence that resulted in pool of lube, sweat, maybe squirt, and even more lube, you might think you need to immediately untangle yourself from your partner(s) afterward and have a little rub-a-dub in the tub.... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News...
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    Sexual Health Erectile Dysfunction Facts: How Common Is It? – KLKN

    The mood is set, the lights are low, you’re in bed with the person you love, and when the moment comesnothing. Erectile dysfunction happens to everyone now and then, and it gets more common the older you get. So why does it feel like you’re the only one who can’t perform?... Read more via...
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    Family Health The midlife guide to contraception: thought you didn’t need contraception post 40? Think again –

    Just because you’ve passed your fertility prime, doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance of an unexpected arrival. So what are your birth-control options now? Jessica Salter looks at modern methods for midlifers... Read more via “sexual health” – Google News
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    General Health Skin Bleaching Fuels Cancer, Hypertension, Kidney Failure – Expert – Tori News

    The World Health Organisation has said that 77 percent of women in Nigeria use skin-lightening products, the highest percentage in the world...... Read more via Tori News
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    General Health 5 Amazing Facial Exercises For A Slim Face – P.M. News

    If not all of us, most of us wants are not so cool with the effect ageing leaves on our skin, especially the face because usually, the first noticeable signs of ageing are usually the wrinkles and loose skin..... Read more via P.M. News